If there is a good time to buy GPS is now. The category matured during the last years, that is, it managed to reduce prices and add functionalities to its equipment, since the smart phones – also equipped with GPS – increased the competition in the market.

The truth is that high-capacity smart phones can deliver a pretty satisfactory GPS service, especially if you need to find route options depending on city traffic through apps like Waze.

The question that remains is: Why then buy a dedicated GPS device if there are applications that do this.

  • The Automotive GPS already has maps configured in your memory, you do not have to be connected on the internet for it to work (some apps also have this option!).
  • Each brand has its own algorithms for route definition, usually designed based on users’ usage.
  • Large number of points of interest pre-installed on the device (because they take up too much memory, it’s less common to have it offline in apps).
  • Do not spend memory or space on your Smartphone (a double problem!).
  • Larger screens with intuitive interface layout.
  • Better quality equipment has a fast route processing that generally outperforms medium smart phones (those who have already lost their cell phone in hand and it has not recalculated the route knows what I am talking about) Well, if any of these points interested you, it is at the time you pick your equipment, right? Then comes that blessed doubt.

What is the best GPS

The truth is that there is NO better equipment, there is one that suits your needs, so let’s go quickly for each of the points you need to know when buying a GPS and then recommend some models, okay?

For a detailed analysis of the Brands, check out our next video, which goes deeper into issues of price and consumer assessment !!

Basic Points Of Decision


comparison-of-screens-gpsScreen size is an important factor in choosing the right device. The most sought after are those with at least 5 inches , precisely because they are the right size.

There are smaller models – and they have the same functionalities – or larger equipment for those who have trouble seeing small print. Anyway, try to stay in that 5-inch line of thinking, okay?


Virtually every GPS you buy today will come with preloaded maps of Brazil , while some others will have maps of Brazil and other South American countries. If you need additional maps, you can usually buy them from the device manufacturer and download them via PC.

Some providers offer free updates, while others charge to keep the map up to date. It’s good to keep an eye on brands that can bring you this headache later!


Finally, another important feature of a GPS is the number of Points of Interest , which are basically hotels, shops and gas stations that are demonstrated in the equipment. Perhaps for the day to day of a big city this option is not so important, but it is essential for who travels much by the roads of the country.


tom tom go 20 gpsIn addition to keeping you on the right route and showing you some recommendations for places – such as restaurants or hotels nearby – GPS currently has the job of keeping you as long as possible away from traffic .

Unfortunately, there are few devices that bring this functionality, which is usually associated with the use of a smartphone, since it is necessary to connect to the internet.

An example of equipment that has this functionality is the Tomtom50B , which is in the photo to the side and that we analyze a little more below.

Call Via Bluetooth

Many devices are able to integrate with a phone interface, so you can access your contact list and make hands-free calls via GPS instead of using a metal headset in the car.

While you’ll find this feature on half of the high-tech GPS models, not all devices support all phones. If this feature is important to you, check the manufacturer’s website to make sure your phone is compatible before deciding on a device.


Garmin Nuvi 55 Tv

The Nuvi 55TV is the most cost effective model if you are looking for up to $ 300 worth of equipment. It has a 5-inch screen, 2821 cities in its internal memory of 8GB and is well rated by users, with a rating of 4.5 / 5.

It has the basic functions of voice command and points of interest (+2 million). In addition, it also has options of radars and option to receive Digital TV signal.

Despite the great value for money and the ability to download maps from South America and Florida, stay tuned because the map updates are only valid for 90 days! Then you have to pay!

For Those Who Want More Functionality


The Garmin Nuvi 2580 is the most complete GPS currently. With a 5 “screen it is not only able to do all the functionality of a common GPS as it analyzes the traffic, it makes calls via bluetooth, it tells where the radars are located and it speaks the street names when it indicates the way.

For those who need to know the traffic!

Tomtom Go 50b

The Tomtom 50B is a 5-inch GPS that has as its great differential the function of indicating traffic through the TomTom Traffic application, which should be used in conjunction with a smartphone via bluetooth.

The layout of the software is also quite beautiful and intuitive. The previous equipment, the tomtom50 had some problems in the screen sensitivity and bluetooth pairing that were solved in this new version.

He is also able to program up to 10 routes, so you leave the house quiet!

The only problem with this equipment is that if you want to add radar information, you will have to pay. Anyway, it’s a good request !!

For Off-Road Trails

Garmin Etrex20

Although it is a model with a slightly smaller screen than the equipment used in cars, this Garmin GPZ has efficiency and precision when determining its location and can also be used for explorations on foot, by bicycle or even by car.

It has a very sturdy design and battery life with a long life, not to leave you in the hand.

The Garmin Nuvi 2565LT, although it does not have the functionality of TV like the Nuvi 2580, has several maps preinstalled that allow greater mobility for the user.

It boasts the 5 “screen and a more durable battery than your fellow 2580. Choose it if you do not need TV on the GPS!