If you’re on an adventure, you can use the Garmin Nuvi 200 series model go geocaching, the treasure hunt gadget era using a GPS device. This Garmin can be a car model, but its features allow it to be used for the game, too. It is lightweight, portable, battery powered and has an off road mode that will help you find your treasure.

The Garmin Nuvi 200 series is not meant to be a full-time geocaching device, because its battery only lasts a few hours, but it is good for a beginner or short routes


1 Before you begin, visit geocaching.com to find a geocache near you. You will need specific coordinates for this hunt. You can also log in to your Garmin account at garmin.com and select “Go Geocaching.” If you have your Garmin USB cable, you can download the coordinates directly to your device.

2 Drive to the starting location for your chosen hunt.

3 Put your Garmin in “Off Road” mode. To do this, in the main menu, click on the tools icon, which looks like a key. Go to “Navigation”, select “Route Preferences”, then choose “Off Road.” This will allow the unit to navigate in a straight line instead of following known routes to your destination.

4 Lock your details. If you downloaded them from garmin.com, select this channel. If you need to enter manually, go to “Where” and select “Contact Information”.

5 Follow the instructions of your Garmin until you reach your destination. Reverse your directions until you are back to your vehicle.

Tips and Warning.

If you expect to be near the water, carry a plastic bag for your Garmin Device update. The devices are not waterproof.

Do not forget to bring water and snacks for your trip, if you think it’s going to be over an hour or two.

Make sure your Garmin is fully charged. You must also choose a shorter hunt, as the Garmin’s battery life is only about five hours. If it runs out of power, you could be in an area with no way to recharge it.