Liquid crystal abnormality is as many as glass breaks.

Liquid crystal abnormality breakdown is caused by vertical lines entering the screen and becoming invisible or touching.

If there is a portion that looks like black spots on the screen and there is a part that cannot be seen, or in a bad state, the screen may be perfectly dark so that nothing can be seen.

Difference between iPhone and iPad

The basic way of repairing each is similar, but only liquid crystal is a bit different.

The iPhone’s panel is integrated with the glass surface and the liquid crystal, whereas the iPad is a separate part of the glass panel and the liquid crystal.

Glass broken repair contents of iPhone

Replacement parts:  iPhone has a part structure of the glass part of the surface, the touch sensor part (digitizer) and the liquid crystal (LCD) part are united.

Repair Time: Repair time of glass crack of iPhone will be around 30 minutes to 1 hour.

The repair staff of UAE Technician can advise the initial diagnosis and advance measures of the glass breakage failure which can be done by the customer himself.

Glass broken repair contents of iPad

Replacement parts: The glass part of the surface and the touch sensor part and the liquid crystal (LCD) part are different parts structure respectively.

In the case of replacement, either part may be exchanged, or both parts may need to be replaced. It depends on the current condition of the LCD.

In that case we will provide you the best prices with the set fee of LCD Screen.

Repair time: The repair time of the glass crack of the iPad depends on the degree of cracking. You can hand in after 4 hours at the shortest.

Also, if there is no stock, it will be repaired after the ordering so we may keep it for several days.

Therefore we recommend that you inquire in advance about inventory status to get your iPad repair on committed time as well.